Wave Arts Master Restoration

Wave Arts Master Restoration 5.49

Master Restoration Suite cleans up your tape, vinyl, and acoustic recordings
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Audio recordings made from tape, vinyl and acoustic recordings are often not perfect and need some work before they have a clear sound to them. With the Master Restoration Suite you will have all the tools needed to clean up your recordings. The software is actually a comprehensive set of plug-ins that is capable of restoring your digital recordings from other sources, such as tapes. The program has five plug-ins and these enable the user to improve the quality of the recordings.

The MR Noise tool reduces broadband noise. The MR Click tool is a click and crackle filter that can be used for vinyl or digital sources. MR Hum can precisely remove humming and buzzing noises. MR Gate is an easy way to expand or gate background attenuation. Finally, there is the Master Restoration, which is an all-in-one tool for cleaning up audio recordings. They are all easy to use and can make any recording sound good.

The user can expect high quality results without having to do a lot of tweaking and that makes this program so great. The Master Restoration Suite is a program that can be used on Mac OS or Windows based music productions or editing applications for audio files.

Luis Sanchez
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